Top Three Up-and-Coming Suburbs in NSW

This year has made a lot of us wish for an escape out of all of the city’s loud hustle and bustle, and dream of calmer environments. So, it comes as no surprise that plenty of Kiwis have started researching NSW suburbs, and lots of them are seriously considering making the move.

If you fall into this category and want to know what the best up-and-coming suburbs in NSW — look no further. In this article, we’ll talk about the best, most affordable suburbs, so you can, hopefully, make the best decision for yourself.


#1 Little Mountain

Little Mountain comes equipped with everything you could possibly need for a comfortable life. Be it natural spaces, clean parks and beaches or great schooling options — this little suburb has it all. You’ll have access to the Caloundra Pony Club, Meridan State College and its Junior and Senior secondary campuses. Additionally, you’ll be only 6 kilometres away from the Caloundra CBD, and be able to commute to your job easily.

The surprising thing about Little Mountain is that, despite it coming with all of these great amenities, the suburb has remained relatively small. Moreover, the area still has a lot of ongoing development and planned projects. So, while Little Mountain is still somewhat of an undiscovered gem, it’s going to keep expanding and welcoming new people in the future.


#2 Chisholm

Chisholm is the ultimate up-and-coming suburb in NSW. It’s located only 23 kilometres from Newcastle, and 7 kilometres from Maitland, providing residents with all the amenities and activities they could ever need. Additionally, the area boasts affordable housing, which is what draws so many people to the area.

Namely, Chisholm’s real estate market recently went through quite the transformation, by building housing for around 15,000 new residents. This project has made it realistic for people from all sorts of backgrounds to find an affordable place to rent or purchase.

That being said, there’s still plenty of land available for investors, or those who wish to design and build their home from scratch — at an affordable price. So, we also recommend taking a look at land for sale Chisholm, as there are some pretty great deals there as well.


#3 Peregian Springs 

This small suburb is one of the greenest ones in NSW. Peregian Springs is home to 50 hectares worth of conservation areas, ensuring the native fauna stays intact. The suburb even features a stormwater management system that helps reduce pollution, while improving water quality.

Peregian Springs’ major development started back in 2008, however, there are still projects being completed all over the suburb. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities to rent or purchase a property, or buy a vacant lot and build your home from the ground up.

Peregian Springs’ urban structure even features a Retirement village, which is a special part of the suburb’s master-planned community. So, whether you’re a retiree, single professional, or part of a growing family, Peregian Springs can give you a beautiful place to call home.


Final Thoughts

Truth be told, we couldn’t pick a single best NSW suburb no matter how hard we tried. They’re all tranquil, come with tight-knit communities, and offer a high ROI in the housing department. So, you likely won’t go wrong if you choose to move to any of these NSW suburbs.