Mari-Cha IV Project Presentation

Jef d'Etiveaud, the project manager of the Mari-Cha Sailing Team, is now available to give an exciting and informative presentation on the Mari-Cha IV project.

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Welcome to the Mari-Cha IV website

Mari Cha IV, is currently in La Ciotat undergoing maintenance work. Read the latest update to read the latest news from the Mari-Cha IV team.

140 foot Mari-Cha IV was built to become the fastest monohull in the world.
It has already broken 4 world speed records to prove it, and will be attempting many more in the future.

Winter Modifications

18:15 UTC, Monday 22nd November 2004
Update by Jef D'Etiveaud, Navigator / Project Manager

It is now one month since we arrived in La Ciotat for the winter maintenance on MCIV after a full successful year of racing. We chose to come to La Ciotat and to ask for Alain Gabbay's assistance for the maintenance work while JMV, the builder of the boat, will assist us in modifying the boat to "Turbo her" for next year's events.

In October 2003, Mari-Cha IV created sailing history on its maiden voyage when it sailed from New York to the UK in just over 6 days, shattering the prestigious west to east transatlantic speed record by an amazing 2 days, and firmly establishing its status as the world's fastest yacht.

Since then, the Mari-Cha IV team has gone on to claim the Antigua to Guadelupe record and also, most recently, the West Coast - Hawaii Pacific Ocean record.

About The Yacht

Owned by Robert Miller, the all carbon fibre 140 foot super-maxi, Mari Cha IV, was built with one aim in mind - to become the fastest offshore racing monohull ever.

Launched in August 2003, the yacht is capable of speeds of over 40 knots and has already set out to prove its claim when, late last year, it shattered two of the most prestgious world sailing records on its maiden voyage.

Mari Cha IV, registered to the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes, England, was built at the JMV boatyard in Cherbourg, France, and took over two years to build. The new yacht is a fully uncompromised racing machine. From conception and design to construction and finish, to itinery and intent, Mari Cha IV is cutting edge.

Designed by Clay Oliver, Greg Elliot, Phillipe Briand, Mike Sanderson, and Jef D'Etiveaud, the yacht weighs just 50 tonnes. Key features include two almost identical rigs (each of which has its own team of grinders and trimmers when racing), developed and made by Southern Spars in New Zealand; a sail wardrobe customized by North Sails New Zealand; a canting keel with a 10 ton bulb, which can be swung + / - 40 degrees; and a water ballast system, which can be brought on board as required (predominantly upwind).

As with all 'open' multihulls and monohulls, light weight is critical to performance, and Mari Cha IV is no exception. Every last detail has been scrutinized to minimise weight. There is no room for luxuries or home comforts on this yacht with just minimal living quarters below deck.